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Alternative Careers founded in year 2007, as a solution provider to many individuals who wish to pursue Entrepreneurship part/ full time, or as career with low investment & zero risk with or without prior experience, Head Quartered in Bangalore city start-up capital and IT capital In India.

We live in a world of unlimited options and possibilities to unleash the true human potential we at alternative careers harness the mindsets skillsets and empower with right tool sets to discover the giant within each of us .

We identify the inner potential using Artificial Intelligence, Aura Analysis, frequency Analysis , energy Analysis and vibrations along with deep insightful understanding of the subconscious power of minds

Our years of diversified experience blended with modern technology and tools enable us to help discover the paths of least résistance to be recommended for the associates to reach their full potential

Alternative Careers is a one stop solution for aspiring following individuals

1. Businessmen /Women already in business looking for diversification

2. Business professions effected by covid19

3. Employees and Senior Management professionals looking for change

4. Any one aspiring to become entrepreneur

5. Young graduates from any discipline looking for revenue generating opportunities

6. Womenpreneurs SHECONOMY

7. Individuals looking for socially impacting

We offer global entrepreneurship opportunities on digital platform at low capital for start-up entrepreneurs which has opportunity to build global business from day one, using the concept of leverage enables anyone with a coachable mind-set to reach their goals quicker than traditional ways.
Please note those who are employed, or in self employment, or in traditional business will have the same question,

Job / Income
1. Jobs are not secure any more, ( era of acquisition and mergers ) , Technology changes , Business conditions changes and projects are lost. Leading to job loss, change in economic / Political situations, People are not satisfied with job environments, disagreements or unruly bosses to report to, late / odd working hours, no security such as pension etc... Post Covid the world has gone into reset mode with millions losing their jobs, layoffs, insecurity, and many more related factors compel to look for safer better newer ways to generate revenues No career prospects in spite of long years of service or loyalty .Most important no time freedom, No job satisfaction, and no possibility to achieve our dreams.

2. Professionals / Self Employed : Initially looks simple and easy but as they progress people realize, it is not safe, and secure option , face stiff competition , Need capital , risk is involved , managing is not easy, income stops when work stops , and very insecure always .

3. Traditional business : Research indicates out of 100 business that start only 5 survive 1st year , and out of those 5 who survive hardly 1 reach and complete year 5. Various reasons and factors are responsible. Hence very in secure , always at risk, families are under severe pressure & No time or personal growth.
Low Investment/ Low risk/ Opportunity to Grow/ Increased Earnings Complete Training, Coaching, Mentoring, and counseling provided from time to time (Hence lots of Personal/Professional Development) High returns/ Long business life cycle/ it offers opportunity to leave a legacy Portable business/ complete business can be managed / supported by company (Just Plug and play) Ready Made Model Earn rewards and recognition, such as foreign tours, car Opportunity to meet/ Help lots of new people / complete satisfaction of work Have your own business without the regular hassles of traditional challenges Can be done Part/Full time (No need to quit or stop what you are currently doing and still reach your goals and dreams by using unproductive time and system of leverage)
1. High speed Internet Connectivity.
2. High configuration Laptop.
3. Dedicated Working Space.
4. Power Backup.
1. Video Resume.
2. Copy of credentials.
3. Statement of purpose.



Transform the entrepreneurs ecosystem blending real time interactive applied entrepreneurship education (less theory more practical approach).



To develop global entrepreneurs using the intellectual distribution system with low start up capital & build generation of new age professionals in emerging revenue generating opportunities.

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